Have you considered how a color consultant can update your home? Would you like to envelop yourself in colors tailored to you? Would you like to save yourself countless days of chasing down the right colors for each room?

    I’m Jeanne Gallaher, aka the Colorbitch, and I’ve been helping homeowners with interior and exterior color selections for over a decade.

    I begin each project by focusing on your personal color preferences. I also consider your home’s architecture, your sense of style, the emerging trends, and how the changing light will affect each color.

    The result is a palette for your home that is uniquely yours.



    I earned my color specialist degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC, NY—where I was instructed by top color industry professionals. After graduating in 2006, I have worked with countless homeowners in selecting exceptional colors for their homes.


    certified color consultant



    “Jeanne has an intuitive ability to see the colors that best bring out the beauty of my home. I walk through my home and feel at peace. I trust her completely and admire her natural talent.”  Marci C

    “Thank you! We both love the color that matches the stone. I like the color so much, that I'm excited about choosing a new trim color too. You are brilliant! Now I really know what a talent you have!”  Kathy Q

    “I’m aware almost daily how much more I enjoy my house because of colors I wouldn’t have considered on my own.”  Andrea P

    “Jeanne recommended colors that move from room to room. I love the result and the amazing effect the colors have throughout the changing light of day and night. Her work, creativity and attention to detail is outstanding. I highly recommend calling Colorbitch and working with Jeanne Gallaher.”  Nancy D

    “Jeanne has an uncanny way of taking in your needs, preferences and goals, and blending them with her professional expertise in the world of color.”  Georgia S

    “Jeanne was amazing at providing color options I hadn’t thought of. She took the time to get to know our sense of style and our house. The end result is that we get tons of compliments on our house. It took our 1917 home into the 21st century—with a style we love coming home to every day.”  Eric K

    "Jeanne, I just can't tell you how much I love the color you chose for our house. Folks strolling by comment on how much they like it. Our neighbors to the right adore it. Another one has threatened to burn it down because she’s so jealous. What more could you ask?! Can't wait to see what our color genius picks out next!"  Peter S

    “Your attention to detail is so helpful. I appreciate how you validate my own instincts on color by explaining the enhancements they will make to the room. Thank you for brightening our lives!”  Jo P

    “Jeanne's color consult with us about our bedrooms was spot on. We especially like how she pulled the lake colors from outside for one and the tree and sunshine colors for the other. The painter said, ‘Are you sure?’ Jeanne was right. They’re perfect.”  Anne S

    “We absolutely adore the color in the bedroom. It’s so soothing and such a vast improvement—I can’t believe we waited this long! We’re loving all the colors, up and down.”  Gabriela L

    “Thank you SO much!!
It is beautiful!”  Tina F

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